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Suki Yo Unicorn Crown – Crystal Rhapsody by Sali O

Suki Yo Unicorn Crown – Crystal Rhapsody by Sali O

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Fred Kimmel Earth x Crystal Rhapsody by Sali O present the original Suki Yo Unicorn Crown, a sparkling and lightweight, synthetic alternative to natural crystal jewelry. Each beautiful handcrafted piece looks luxurious and whimsical, and can be worn for a special occasion or party.  

NEW: Suki Yo Luxury Rhinestone Unicorn Crown – Our brand new line of luxury Unicorn Crowns features sparkling resin rhinestones on 1.2” headbands in 4 styles.

1. Silver rhinestones on White satin with Clear Crystal Beads

2. Pink rhinestones on Pink satin with Pink and Light Pink Crystal Beads

3. Clear AB Rainbow rhinestones on White satin with Clear AB Beads

4. Silver rhinestones on Black velvet with Clear Crystal Beads

Our resin rhinestones feature eco-conscious biodegradable materials that adhere securely to our flexible and comfortable satin or velvet covered 1.2” wide plastic headbands.

CLEARANCE - FINAL SALE: All of the following styles of Black velvet Unicorn Crowns are only USD$15 while supplies last! Final Sale items are non-returnable.

5. Clear Faceted Crystal Beads

6. Clear AB (Faceted Aurora Borealis Rainbow and Clear Crystal Beads) 

7. Lavender Pink (Faceted Pink Crystal and Round Frosted Purple Beads) 

8. Sapphire Blue (Faceted Ice Blue, Sapphire Blue and Round Frosted Light Blue and Dark Sapphire Beads) 

9. Alpine White (Faceted Opaque White AB, Clear AB, Clear Crystal, Opaque White and Round Frosted White Beads) 


The Crystal Rhapsody Suki Yo Unicorn Crown is easy to adjust due to the malleable nature of our silver plated tarnish resistant copper wire. Before wearing the Crystal Rhapsody Suki Yo Unicorn Crown, gently align the crystal beads along the wire, then adjust the angle and shape in the mirror to your liking. Wear your Suki Yo Unicorn Crown directly on your head, along the visor of a Fred Kimmel Earth Hat or your favorite baseball cap, or any way you choose; you are the stylist. Now, which Unicorn Crown color resonates with you? Be sure to blow a kiss at your reflection because YOU ARE FABULOUS!

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For adult use. Keep out of reach of children.



Limited Edition

Materials: Acrylic beads, resin rhinestone, copper wire and plastic headband

WARNING: Small parts. Choking hazard. Not for children under 3 years


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